"This place is a vacation for body and soul. Thank you for your hospitality. "

Dubravko Rašić, summer 2012



Events in Smokvica and Brna throughout the year and especially during the tourist season are exceptional events, as you will experience the traditional way of living, preservation of heritage and have fun. The hosts will invite you to dance the traditional dances, will tell you about customs and local legends. During the local festivities you will be able to sing with them or just have fun with the youth in the nearby cafe. Everybody is welcome here and with the first hand shake every guest becomes a friend.

Smokvica summer (July and August) is the traditional cultural entertainment event offering enjoyment in numerous events such as: Kumpanjija, knight sword dance, traditional old folk dances, fisherman evenings, exhibitions, concerts of cultural-art societies, klape and traditional festivities. These are only a few examples of the offers which are organised during tourist season.

Christmas and New Year
Celebration of Christmas in Christian spirit with midnight mass and traditional lighting of the yule-log in front of the Parish church and Christmas day mass in a beautiful ambiance of the Smokvica church. The New Year is celebrated in local bars and restaurants.

Municipality Day – Holy day of Lady Kandalora
Smokvica municipality celebrates its day on 02 February. The prime attraction is the yearly performance of the Kumpanjija sword dance at the central square in front of the church.

During Carnival time the village is ruled by masquerades and during that time traditional masquerade parade and lighting of „Krnovala“ is organised. During that time events such as masquerade for children and masquerade parties are organised.

Customs and traditions in Smokvica are very much respected. During Easter time, in Holy week, the most important Christian holiday, various events are organised. On Holy Thursday the last dinner is organised in the church and in the night of procession ‘Po gorah’ when the believers are passing along ‘the way of cross’ around Smokvica fields. On the Holy Friday the traditional procession passes through streets of Smokvica while on Holy Saturday a vigil is organised in parish church. On Easter day the Holy mass is the central event gathering a large number of people.